Clean The Sky

Spark new ideas for a more sustainable planet with Clean The Sky, Trend Hunter’s innovation-focused eco site designed to showcase positive eco trends, news, breakthroughs and the steps you and your company can take to become geo zero. We believe humans can fix global warming, but it will require education, innovation and effort

Newest Innovations

Plastic-Free Supply Chains
Transformable Sustainable Apparel
Clothing Repair Concessions
Chilean Solar Projects
Low-Plastic Seafood Packaging
Household Cleaning Tinctures
Biodegradable Womenswear Blazers
Inclusive Eco Salons
Regenerative Agriculture Partnerships
Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives
Sustainable Cocoa Farming Practices
Enriching Canine Lick Mats
Plastic-Free Sushi Trays
Sustainable Pop Album Packaging
Honeycomb Paper Mailers
Building-Cooling Construction Materials
Eco-Conscious Workshop Experiences
Sustainable Idol-Finding Apps
Sustainable Water Equity Funds
Sustainable Travel Methods
Energy-Conserving Lab Programs
Sustainable Haircare Services
Tree-Free Sustainable Packaging
Tech-Rich Gardening Facilities
Healthy Soil Cultivations
Toothpaste Refill Pouches
Eco-Minded Mattress Launches
Sustainable Finance Accelerators
Cost-Efficient Sustainable Bags
Bio-Based Eco-Minded Swimwear
Sustainability-Oriented Kids Toys
Sustainable Indigenous Cosmetics
Ethically Sourced Decaf Blends
Recycled Molecular Lighting
Smart Reusable Fish Crates
Sustainable Showroom Designs
Sustainable Charming Lakeside Cabins
Sustainable Airline Alcohols
Hyper-Local Dining Establishments
Upcycled Film Camera Designs
Nature-Centric Tech Summits
Sustainable Banking Solutions
Sustainable Illumination Systems
Performance-Tuned Hybrid Crossovers
Forest Fire Sensor Systems
Sustainable Zero Waste Initiatives
Sustainable Off-Grid Micro-Cabins
Cost-Effective Cocoa Solutions
Sustainable Sporty Backapacks
Sustainable Ocean Packaging Designs
Insulated Recyclable Bags
Plastic-Free Laser-Etched Produce
Plastic-Free Champagne Packaging
AI-Powered Waste Trackers
Cell-Based Cocoa Powders
Eco-Friendly Restaurant Cups
Bold Fashion Runway Statements
Rotating Clothes Drying Racks
Sustainable Battery-Swapping Stations
Carbon-Reduced Diving Fins
Sustainable Smart Trailers
Sustainable Disinfectant Lineups
Sustainable Hybrid Hypercars
Sustainably Made Space Satellites
Artfully DIY-Wrapped Minibuses
Home-Compostable Cutlery
Plant-Based Cosmetic Packaging
Eco-Friendly High-Fashion Sneakers
Sleek E-Waste-Reducing Computers
Complimentary Reusable Cups
Artist-Designed Cafe Products
All-Electric Dual-Motor SUVs
Sustainable Wooden Digital Projector
Recycled Warm Weather Clothing
Circular Packaging Services
Sustainably Packaged Indian Milkshakes
Pillboxed-Shaped Fruit Cases
Classic Recipe Plant-Based Meats
Ultra-Compact Office Printers
Eco-Conscious Floor Tiles
Coffee Ground Phone Covers
Plant-Based Cosmetic Ingredients
Innovative Circular Recycling Technology
Advanced Solar Panel Series
Automatic-Responsive Smart Thermostats